Our Brands

Innovative design, high quality, functional products, personal approach and competitive prices are a priority for us and are always present in our brands through constant technological research. All the products we work with are dreamed, designed and produced in Europe (Spain).


Arriaga Stone 

With over 40 years of international experience in cut-to-size projects, AS offers a wide selection of natural stone, including limestone, marble and sandstone.

The state of the art factory produces cut-to-size flooring and custom finishes, as well as exterior pavers, facades and architectural elements such as window surrounds, columns and balusters.

Their projects include high-end private residences, landscaping elements, hotels & resorts and special stone features. 



Martelli represents Italian excellence in the field of taps, as it unifies the efforts and creativity of Italian and Spanish industrialists and designers.

All of their products are dedicated to bathrooms and kitchens and designed to be durable, practical and eco-sustainable.

 Martelli's philosophy stands for design, quality, functionality and respect for the environment. 

''A good design must make a product understandable, discreet and honest, but above all, it must have a lasting value and respect for the environment''



Disbain is a company dedicated to the manufacture of bathroom furniture with more than thirty years of experience in the sector and presence in many European countries like Belgium and France among others.

Committed to avant-garde designs, in which they apply the latest technology in production processes, to offer the highest quality and best price.

Thanks to this and to a highly qualified team, it's possible for Disbain to satisfy all the needs that the current market demands.


SSV - Solid Surface

SSV has been selected by leading companies and cutting edge designers to incorporate into their projects.

SSV is a compact, non-porous, antibacterial, hygienic, resistant, durable material, easy to clean and repair, resistant to ultraviolet all with a comfortable touch.

Because of this certified properties, SSV has many possible appliances along with bathroom furniture and it's been used in industries like healthcare or hospitality. 

SSV allows freedom of form. The material is shaped to obtain the desired shape with absolute precision, making it possible to make large volumes and part formats.


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